Werner Anderson

Werner Anderson is a Norwegian photographer, videographer and director, who over the years has been developing visually compelling ad campaigns and strategies for a number of commercial actors and humanitarian organizations.

His personal art projects are in many ways influenced by his commercial and humanitarian work, and often bear a resemblance to documentary style photography, but with deep, subtle, poetic tones.

Werner Anderson has gained broad and diversified field experience over the course of many years while working with humanitarian NGO´s, such as the Norwegian Red Cross and the Norwegian Peoples Aid in Gaza and the West Bank, Rwanda, Kosovo, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, South Sudan, South Africa, Ecuador, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Jordan, Lebanon, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

His work has won him prizes and appraisals, both in Norway and on the international stage. He has published books and contributed material to books, participated in various art projects and exhibitions. He has also been exhibited in the Norwegian National Museum of Photography at Nordic Light International Festival and in United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, Spain, Jordan, Switzerland and Ireland.

When not working on a specific project, or in between assignments, his passion for photography has often led him on a path to encourage the next generation of young photographers in his local community, but also further afield, thus establishing Werner Anderson as a well sought speaker and workshop organizer. 

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